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Hometown Community Bank

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Home Equity Lines of Credit


* Subject to credit approval. Introductory rate in effect for the first 12 months. Introductory rate for credit score over 700 is 5.5%. Based on a $25,000 line, APR would be 5.514%. Interest rate for credit score under 700 is 6.5%. Based on a $25,000. line, APR would be 6.514%. Thereafter, rate will be variable based on The Wall Street Journal prime rate, currently 8.5%. If credit score is less than 700, interest rate will be based on The Wall Street Journal prime rate plus 1.00%, currently 9.5%. Floor of 5.00% and ceiling of 21.75%. $50 annual fee. Interest only payments from Northern State Bank of Virginia checking account, with a balloon due at the end of five-year term. You must also pay certain fees to third parties to open a line. These fees generally total between $100 and $700. Other terms and conditions may apply, see bank for details. Effective May 1, 2024.